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About Lyttelton Primary School

Lyttelton Primary School is a school situated in the area of Centurion, Lyttelton Manor. We are a part of the community and pride ourselves in producing pupils that are well rounded members of society. We understand that the pupils have needs well beyond their intellectual needs. Hence we facilitate the growth of our learners in areas such as spirituality, emotional intelligence, socially and physically.

That is why we can proudly say that we have the most dedicated teachers that are suitably qualified and up to par with Morden methods of learning.

Masingoaneng Roberts

A message from the Principal

I am very proud to serve as the principal of such a dynamic, ambitious school with such great potential. I hope you enjoy looking through our website and getting to know more about our brilliant school and why we have such adoration to it! As the Principal of Lyttelton Primary School, I am a proud ambassador of our achievements and our team. We are committed to teaching and developing learners who are assertive, resilient, and responsible. Learners who do their best. Our curriculum is outstanding, providing a broad range of experiences and opportunities. Lyttelton Primary School has a strong learning culture that encourages and celebrates learner’s success in many ways such as academic results, Sport and Culture achievements, and life skills. We consistently build strong and firm foundations in all areas of every child’s life. Learners at Lyttelton Primary School are exposed to various learning environments that develop and prepare them for responsible adult life.Our aim is to holistically develop our children.Our termly educational excursions organised by our amazing teachers, allow learners to have memorable lifelong learning experiences. The support staff ensure clean and conducive learning environment. Our learners are enthusiastic, and proud of their school.

Finally, it gives me great Pleasure to welcome you at our school.

Who We Are

Leadership Team

Ahmed Shaik

Deputy Principal

Llewellyn Kriel

Acting HOD
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Lyttelton Primary School envisages to develop a dynamic, self-driven lifelong leaner in an inspiring, safe and highly effective learning environment that will produce an active South African citizen.


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